SRC Green Power Private Limited was incorporated on 4th July, 2011 with main objects of dealing in renewable energy business, with focus on wind power.

Corporate Overview of SRC GREEN POWER

The resources for conventional energy are depleting rapidly, due to which, the developed & developing countries are vigorously implementing an alternate source of sustainable energy, which will satiate the needs of energy hungry world for a very long time. Wind energy being an excellent source of alternate sustainable energy, is highly sought and implemented. India with its huge population and ever growing energy needs has become a serious player in implementing Wind Energy.
SRC Green Power Private Limited situated in Chennai India, is in the process of manufacturing 250kw wind turbines for a niche market in India and across the world. The 250kw wind turbine is a tried and tested product globally. These wind turbines have an enviable track record of successful performance, surpassing their estimated lifespan. The beauty of these wind turbines is their simple design, easy maintenance and working. In comparison to larger wind turbines, the 250kw has the added advantage of successfully working under diverse climatic conditions with readily available spares.
Most of the companies that manufacture wind turbines, cater mainly to large corporations for their energy demands. Envisioning and understanding the needs of smaller corporate and individuals, SRC Green Power is clearly focused to provide valuable service to this important segment of our society, with its 250kw wind turbines.

SRC’s Vision

To continuously motivate ourselves for world class quality in the production of wind energy convertors and an uncompromising commitment to provide a disciplined business perspective to continuously derive value for our share holders, customers, vendors and employees.

SRC’s Mission

Guided by a relentless focus, SRC Green Power will constantly strive to achieve its vision, by delivering operational excellence, total customer satisfaction and providing the benefits of clean, green energy to society.