SRC Green Power’s products, services and overall capabilities are assessed by M/s. Protos, Italy. After various documentary analysis and practical visits to the offices, factory and wind turbine sites, Protos has issued their findings as Protos Assessment Report. This has enabled SRC WTGs bankable worldwide. A short summary of the Assessment Report is available on special request from customers addressing their requirement to .

CE Certification

SRC Green Power is committed to manufacture and deliver WTGs in accordance with Global Standards to ensure highest performance through its estimated life span of 20 years. All WTGS ranging at 55,200,225 and 250 KW WTGs are manufactured in compliance with CE standards. In this regard, SRC 200 and 250 kW WTGs are CE certified ensuring highest electrical safety standards and 55 and 225 kW are under certification.

FRP inhouse facility

FRP components such as Nacelle cover, Rotor cone, Rotor blades etc were manufactured to highest standards through selective vendors in India who have decades of expertise. To offer enhanced value to WTGs and cost benefits to investors, SRC has commenced its inhouse facility to manufacture all associated FRP products adding one more feather to its cap.

ISO certification

SRC Green Power’s WTG manufacturing and supply services are in strict compliance to ISO 9001:2008 requirements to be present as a globally prefered partner to the investors offering highest quality and standards in all spheres. SRC is certified ISO 9001:2008 which can be viewed by visiting our website